Airport Services

Fuel Facilities

The airport fuel storage facilities include two 12,000 gallon capacity storage tanks located at the south end of the aircraft parking ramp. These tanks meet all EPA requirements and are used for storage of 100 LL Avgas and Jet-A fuel. (Note: This airport fuel is dispensed via mobile fueling trucks.

A self-service fuel station is also available 24/7 on the south end of the parking ramp near the main airport terminal.




Aircraft Hangars & Tie Downs

Erie-Ottawa International Airport has a variety of aircraft storage hangars. There are two individual 3,000 square foot hangars, a 12,000 square foot conventional hangar and a total of 17 T-hangars with space for aircraft of varying types.

A new 78,000 sq. ft. concrete jet ramp is also available with 33 tie downs for smaller aircraft.

Automobile Parking

The airport has two primary parking lots providing space for a total of 195 vehicles. Temporary/daily parking is available behind the main hangar at the Airport Terminal building. Longer term parking parking is available in the larger, fenced in lot located at the airport entrance.

A pick up/drop off area is also offered near the Airport Terminal entrance.

 Forklift Service
A forklift is availabe on site. Maximum capacity is 5000 lbs.
Power Unit
A Ground Power Unit (GPU) is available on site for $40/hour.

Lavatory Service

After Hours Call Out Service
$100 / hour   7 Days a week    6pm to MidNight